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The Prep Station GL is a plant studied and designed to carry out sanding operations and preparation for painting, in a clean and smoke-free and dust-free environment.

It adopts two types of operation: through the two servo-controlled dampers placed on the plenum and another on the outlet duct.

The operator can choose total air recycling or just suction.




The radiant panels (high temperature) embedded in the plenum, allow you to perform small adjustments in conjunction with the installation (recommended) of the CTA unit.

The latter has a delivery and suction independent of each other and guarantees an optimal finishing result.



The Venturi-type vacuum hob is composed of a 180mm high base.

Motor and fan are placed above the structure in order to optimize the overall space required by the system.




Termomeccanica G.L. s.r.l. boasts the construction of hundreds of systems. The process that binds our mission to the product is to provide the customer with a tailor-made solution,

developing the system 100% suited to the specific need, without pursuing any standardization obligation for the buyer.

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